Well respected name in commercial real estate

Posted by Admin - November 11th, 2011

The real estate industry has been in fits of retraction ever since the recession hit. However, the news hasn’t been all bad. Some niche industries have done better than others. For example, real estate revitalization has done alright even during the recession and over the last decade or so it has been a growth industry for sure.

Ramy Eidi is an expert in the field of real estate revitalization, especially in Ohio. Ramy Eidi has, over the last ten years, worked in three different markets in Northwest Ohio. He has excelled in each market, despite those markets being diverse in their makeup.

Ramy Eidi’s skill is in finding the “diamond in the rough”, speaking metaphorically. He is able to unearth real estate properties that have hidden values. After revitalization efforts, the real estate properties have a greater value than before and are sold off at a profit. This ability to see and then bring out the hidden value of real estate holdings is what has made Ramy Eidi so successful. Similarly, he has insisted upon learning not just from his mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others. Due to his successes, his is now a well respected name in the Ohio commercial real estate industry.

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